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Our School

St. Ann’s Parish community is so blessed to have our own Catholic school.  At St. Ann’s School, education goes beyond the purely technical and practical aspects of schooling and aims at an integration of all knowledge within a vision of the world and human person. It focuses on the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual dimensions of human development, leading to a personal synthesis of faith and life in each student.



“Onward and Upward” at St. Ann’s School

We treasure our Catholic-Christian identity and values while welcoming all people of diverse beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. Our staff and students foster a positive, disciplined learning environment based on treating peers and teachers with dignity and respect.

As an independent school, many qualities and services set us apart from public schools.


We offer:

  • Teachers certified by the B.C College of Teachers
  • The B.C. Curriculum in all subjects
  • Christ in our school through:
    • Daily religious instruction
    • Grace at meals
    • Sacramental preparation
    • First Friday School Mass
    • Weekly Liturgies
  • An enriched curriculum in:
    • French – Grades 2 to 7
    • Physical Education
      • Skiing – Grades 4 to 7
      • Swimming – Grades 1 to 7
      • Intranural sports
    • Fine Arts / Drama
  • Resource Teacher
  • Learning Assistant
  • Bus Service
  • A variety of intra/extracurricular activities:
    • Volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track & field, cross country running
    • Field trips – Gavin Lake, Corn Maze, Pumkin Patch
  • Christmas Concert
  • Learning Assistance
  • Hot Lunch or Pizza every Wednesday
  • Dress Code (blue and white)
  • Reasonable Tuition
  • Parent Support Group
  • School Council